Thursday, March 26, 2009

53590 -- Tupperware -- Dannelle Gay

Hello! My name is Dannelle and I am a Charter Director with Tupperware! If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle...ways to get organized...want to save or make money...even to 'Go Green', we have the solutions for you! Check out my website for the sales specials of the month.
Thanks and I look forward to meeting you!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

54476 - Close To My Heart - Angi Keeley

Hi there,

My name is Angi Keeley and I'm a consultant with Close To My Heart. I have monthly crops in my home and a monthly kit club. The crops are not just for Close To My Heart, though once in a while there will be a workshop going on for the monthly kit club people. Your more than welcome to order at the crop (or anytime) but it's not required to attend. I have room for 8 if someone doesn't mind standing (I stand to scrap so my table is raised)
I look forward to meeting you.

Next Crop: March 21, 2009

What's your business?

Hey everyone. I started this portion of the Blog so that you can put your information in here regarding your scrapping/stamping business.
You will be able to add your own information regarding sales or crops and such. Changes to your contact info, etc. Just make sure you put the name of your company in the label portion of the post. Email me if you would like to start using this site and I will add you to the author list.
This will be on your honor...if you are with a company and see there is a post for a company special, please don't post it again. Once is enough :). We will locate our own consultant.

Also, if you would Title your contact information in the following way... zip code, company name, consultant name....that way we can find info quickly when we are looking.
54476 - Close to my Heart - Angi Keeley

Listing your email addresss is as simple as adding a link. Click on the chain and delete the http:// and type mailto: and then your address. Simple as that. Don't forget to hit publish post. :)

I hope this goes well. If I feel it's being abused I will delete the blog.

Thanks so much